Wednesday, 10 June 2009

We The Following Members...

"We the following members of Nunhead Community wish to voice our objections to losing our community centre and ask the court not to issue an interim order.
We support the squatting of the building with the mind to regain the building back to the community."

Appeal to the court produced by the meeting Last Night in the Community Centre.
The meeting was unanimous in its determination that Nunhead would have a community centre of its own for general use, and that it should be the same building which has served Nunhead so well until recently. Suggestions by LBS and property interests that another unspecified space would one day be provided, or that spare space in buildings run by other organisations would do just as well, were rejected outright.

Councillor Cris Claridge in defence of the centre.

Action Group


  1. Great meeting last night, think we are so much stronger now we are all together. Hopefully we will soon be back in the centre for good.

    Good luck in court on Friday

    Cllr Fiona Colley
    Labour Member for Nunhead Ward

  2. is is possible to have an online 'sign up and support' ? I would be happy to mail to my networks if so...